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The founder of this company is Mr.N.K.Kannan.Ably pillared by his son Mr.N.K.CIBI CHAKRAVARTHY. He started this establishment in the year 1971 in Bangalore, India. Bangalore has more than 200 drill rig contractors as on date. He is one among the original drilling contractors who has been providing his services in this industry since 1971. Over the years the company has built a reputation by drilling long-lasting points and backing them with a "personal" service unheard of in the drilling industry.

About Us

HYDRALIC SUPER RIG is equippedwith world best compressor (INGERSOLL RAND & ATLAS ) and India's no. 1 rig mast (PRD).Our is the one of the best bore well drilling machinery unit in BANGALORE, India. Our HYDRALIC SUPER RIG is fitted with INGERSOLL RAND and ATLAS compressor model 1150 - 300 psi fitted on PRD mast capacity. Advantage with our PRD mast, even in any critical formation conditions also our rig can drill up to the maximum depth. Other technical advantage with our HYDRALIC SUPER RIG is our machinery is also equipped with Dust Controlling Equipment and Automatically water injection system.

Our technical staff is very much efficient in operating this system, which is the most unique feature with our HYDRALIC SUPER RIG.we also run our machineries in KENYA,AUSTRALIA,CANADA,SOUTH AFRICA.

The Company is APPROVED BY THE P.H.E., MINES AND GEOLOGY & KAIC, Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board (KUWSSB), Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB)


Today SRI KANNAN BOREWELLS is the leading company of water well drilling rigs in the state of Karnataka. The company has experienced significant growth and improvement over the past years, which clearly demonstrates ,our commitment to excellence. This has been achieved because of our superior product quality, continous Relationship and Development and the good will of our esteemed customers

Quality Policy

world class Technology
Poineers in borewell industry
To give world classs drilling to meet the customer needs and to strive for continual improvement
We offer the Bore Well drilling for various dimensions aith depth ranging from 150 to 2000 feet(165 mm)
We are backed by commited and dedicated staff ,who are being updated with all the relavant technologies
We also help you out for good Water Surveyors, Installation of Perfect Motor/Pump Water Analysis and creating awareness about Water Harvesting Pits

Our Motto

100% Assured Success
The impossible is made possible here
To deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money
Work towards exceeding customers expectations through commitment to excellence and setting new benchmarks in the drilling industry our communication to excel is made work of perfection
We assure you timely device round the clock


The speciality of KANNAN BOREWELLS COMPANY is that, the right from the beginning, it has started drilling operations by the slow rig, clayx rig to the latest Super Fast High Pressure Hydraulic Drilling Rigs both on surface andin well by 4 ½ ", 6 ½ " and 10" borewells. 4 ½ " Tubewells were dug both vertically and horizontally in open wells. Core drilling and telescopic drilling was done in India on a large scale for buildings, dams, Railways, thermal stations etc., in Gujarat, Rajasthan, coastal areas of India.

First In India

The company has inaugurated water well drilling for the first time in Goa, Dhanbad Coal Mines, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Bhutan, Kolar Gold Fields and Hatti Gold Mines and also many parts of Tamil Nadu.


Mr. N.K.R.CIBI CHAKRAVARTHY is the C.E.O. of the Company. He is one among the DIRECTOR of Karnataka Rigs Owners Association.He is having verygood technical experience in the field of drilling water wells and fixing submersible, Jet handpumps and compressors. He has drilled water wells in U.P., M.P., Maharashtra, Gujarath, Rajasthan, H.P., Bihar, Orissa, A.P. Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and particularly in coastal areas of India. He has travelled widely in U.S.A., U.K., Europe, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, U.A.E., Oman, China and South East Asian countries and gained a wonderful Know-how in above field and he is a generous personality who has helped millions of people in this field. He is the authority on water wells and can give best advice in this domain.

Ganga-Cauvery link is the one and the only permanent solution for solving water crisis in India. Ifthe Ganga, Indus, Brahmaputra river water is connected to Narmada, Tapati, Mahanandi, Godaveri,Krishna and Cauvery rivers, the people can save millions and millions of Rupees which willbe spend on bore wells, pumps, pipeline, power etc. But who has to bell the cat? When U.S.A., and China have done it. Why not india

Experienced Staff

The unit’s day-to-day operations is monitored and maintained by Mr.N.K.Kannan, who is widely experienced in Civil and Earth works.With his technical knowledge and interst, he thought and found a way to his own establishment ,and within no time he has improved alot in the bore-well drilling field.He lit the lamp in many peoples lives by providing them job and sheltor.

The company has got about 150 dedicated technical and non-technical staff, out of which 15 members are with technical background ,who are drillers here. Other staff including assistants and workers are about 135 members, who support the technical drillers and the management at various levels.We have also Groundwater Surveyors, who assist the customer in deciding the bore-well point.

Our Experience

The company is engaged in drilling activity since 1971,and got very much experience in the field not only in Karnataka, but also in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Till date the company must have drilled more than 25,000 points successfully.


When we get water from the borewell, our joy knew no bounds. When natural water bubbles out like a spring from the borewell, we will be over whelmed and welcome water by doing Pooja.

Drilling of Borewells by cutting a Coconut tree, Banyan Tree, any fruit bearing trees, or drilling borewells on the ant’s hill whose mouth is opened, or not opened is not a good sign of getting water. The reasons are best known to the Almighty.

Drilling in and around Gir Forest in Gujarat where Lions are found is the most thrilling and best experience in life. Had the people ridiculed or made faces or pointed weapons at Lions, they were attacking and killing them. They were, in fact not harming us when people were moving without harming them. It was not so in Kanakapura, Anekal, Mysore, Chamarajanagar, M.M.Hills, B.R.Hills, Coorg, etc., where elephants, bears, cheetahs were not only attacking but killing the people, if they were ridiculed or pooh-poohed.

Water in some Borewell has cured deadly diseases like Asthma and night blindness

Cold & Gold

Actually, no one has achieved a tremendous success till now in water well drilling in Dhanbad coal mines, Bihar, Kolar Gold Fields, and Hatti Gold Mines, Karnataka where the tunnels were found while drilling down. By using M.S.Pipes, to close the gaps from top to the bottom of tunnel, and that too after concreting and waiting for a week, for the concrete to cure and then the drilling activity was continued. Thus arresting the air which was escaping into the tunnel and successfully drilling the water wells. It is a way of adding a gem to the crown of the company.


Gold, Silver, Diamond, Pearls, Iron Ore, Mica, Tungsten, Crude Oil, Marbles, Granite etc., were encountered at a depth of about 50 to 250 feet in K.G.F. Hatti Gold Mines. Raichur, Chitradurga, Bangalore, Mysore, U.P., M.P., A.P., which are really not trapped so far. If they are tapped, India will be the richest country in the world.

The Russian and American Hydro Geologists, Geologists, Hydrologists, Scientists and Mineralogists have surveyed throughout India and said, " If all the Natural Mineral Resources are Exploited or Exhausted by 10,000 AD in the world, the Natural Mineral Resources of India will last upto 1,00,000 AD. Thus, we can imagine how Rich and how poor India is ?

Know How

1st Level

Before starting the borework in particular area, the company will undertake the entire survey of that particular area, type of sand, ground water source and quality of the water.


When the company starts the survey work, they scrutinize the type of the sand and the type of the rock, & the water level. Particularly, if saline water comes the company should distinguish the core composed of plastic rocks and the enclosing rocks surrounding it. Besides, we find a marked difference between the structure of the core and the enclosing rocks. The core bears all the features of the active dislocation of the plastic masses composing it in the upward direction, while the structure of the enclosing rocks reflects only their passive accommodation to the movement of the core.

The contours of the core are characterized by a gentle arch and steep lateral surfaces. In the plan the contours of the core are not the same at different depths. In this respect the Romna dome in the Ukraine presents no minor interest. The core of the fold, composed of the Devonian rock salt, in the Upper Cretaceous deposits is elongated in the north - west direction parallel to the strike of the Hercynian structures; in Paleogene deposits the core acquire the rounded contours.

The inner structure of the core is characterized by an exceptionally complicated arrangement. The plastic rocks composing the core are crumpled into narrow and compressed folds. Which can be formed only when the substances is in the state of flowing. Individual inter-layers composing these folds are greatly extended; in place however, they form complex bendings, clusters, and irregular bulges.

They enclosing rock masses at the contact with the core are often fractured and truncated by the plastic rocks of the core. In the proximity of the contact they have a steep form of bedding, often turned upside down or overturned. Numerous ruptures and gliding surfaces are developed within them along which individual members and riders become separated from the rocks that enclose them and follow the core in their dislocation over considerable distances.

The said displacement is accompanied by the development of zones of fracture and fault breccias, which attribute to the structure of enclosing rocks in the contact zone complexity of a very high degree. These dislocations soon die out as the core becomes more remote - and at a distance of several hundred meters from the dislocated zone, they usually disappear altogether. Thus, in diaper structures two types of folds coexist : in the active core there is the development of the flow folds, whereas the rocks surrounding the core and subjected to transverse bending. Above all, the company finds out not only the type of the water, and also the type of the rock and depth of ground water.

2nd Level - Forms of Rock Bedding

It is by far not always possible to measure the elements of the bedding of layers with the help of the surveyor's and diviners report alone. When the cores of boreholes and the walls of mining works are investigated, the measurement of the elements of bedding and water source becomes very often either totally impossible or can be accomplished only approximately.

Sketch Of the Borewell (or) Designing of the Borewell

After the soil test, the company starts the bore work according to the bore type. In this, they are inserting the slotter, only if the company is satisfied with the quality of the water, quantity of the water & the water level. The company is using the pebbles to filter the water from the fine sand also when required. To avoid the soil erosion we use powerful bentonite powder.

Only this structure helps us to get success in our bore well work and also to get good and more water in all our sites. In rainy season, in Chennai we can get water least in 20 to 30 feet itself where as on summer season we could not get water even in 120 feet, so the company doing bore well work according to the seasons & getting permanent solution for water problem in all over Tamilnadu.

In general, after the bore well work no one takes care of the bore till date. i.e., none of the bore well company takes care of the bore well point which leads to dissolving the bore point in future. where as our company using top safe cup which avoids small insects to get inside the borewell. Also there is a possibility of particles coming inside through the rainwater harvesting, also which leads to get destroy of the bore water. To face this problem, our company taking all the necessary steps and advising the parties to get rid of this type of problem in all the times.

Moreover, borewell also get destroyed by the food particles near the borewell, & the dirty water comes inside the bore through the toilet pipes and drainage pipes in rainy seasons. In this situations, our company advising the pros & consequences to all our parties.

3rd Level

There are some areas which must undergone re-flushing after six month's time. Particularly in sandy area when we insert the PVC pipe the holes of the slotter will be in 0.5mm to 1.5mm only. In rainy seasons, small sand particles might cover the slotter holes even after taking necessary steps like pebbles packing near the bore, which might leads to the low water level, and also the destroy the condition of motor and the pump set. In this case, our company is giving free service for 6 months to one year and also undertakes short term and long term before protection.

  • It's my pleasure gaining best information about process followed at installation. Kannan has expert Ground Water Surveyors to predict with accuracy.
    Mr. Prabu
  • There was no hindrance at work. Team worked sincerely with less supervision. They proved their skills.

    Mr. Praveen
  • Cost involved in the project was clearly explained. It was reasonable enough. Installation was followed with accurate scientific method.
    Mr. Karthik
  • Sincere thanks to Kannan, improved our living with right borewell installation method. Certainly, refer to my friends.
    Mr. Durairaj
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