Borewell Drilling Services:

Sri Kannan Borewell Company has vast experience in drilling borewells in various conditions of a land along with different purposes across the nation. We provide services in water well drilling, tube well drilling, borewell consultancy services, explore ground water using the modern technology and other associated services in drilling borewells.

Since our expertise lies with drilling water wells domain, our motto is to exceed our customer expectations by providing the best-in-class services within the agreed timelines. We use our technical expertise and work with our customers to identify the water source in their location using the modern sensors and provide the best quote competing with our competitors in the market to exceed the expectation of our customers.

The water well drilling services are depends on the amount of land, purpose of water well, and approximate depth needed to drill the water well. However, we have modern machineries that can bring on site with limited space and drill wells as required.

Sri Kannan Borewells provide excellent drilling services and undertake water well drilling and installation of pumps work of 6 ½”, 10”, and 12” diameter borewells up to the depth of 1800 feet to:

Open spaces (sites)

We use the modern hydraulic sensor operated rigs mounted on heavy trucks and tripod with auto loading facility to drill borewells. We are also specialized in other drilling services such as slow rig drilling, short hole drilling, earthing boreholes, pile bores, micro piles, and ground water recharging services.

We execute our projects using the various techniques depending on the surface and other geological conditions to provide the best-in-class borewell drilling services. We work on technically challenging drilling problems and provide the continuous drilling solutions using our expertise of geotechnical analysis to ground monitoring wells and sonic drilling.

Sri Kannan Borewells also provide services of borewell rigs which includes the detailed technical specifications and precisely engineered rigs including, DTH drilling rigs, automatic rod changer drilling rigs, tractor mounted rigs and piling rigs to meet the customer requirements.

Sri Kannan Borewells offer the following borewell drilling services to meet all kinds of customers:

Tube Well Drilling
Well Drilling
Borewell Drilling
Robo/Gas Drilling
DTH Rotary Drilling Rig
Short-Length Borewells
Earthing Borewell
Pile Bores
Micro Piles

Borewell Groundwater Survey:

Sri Kannan Borewell Company has many professional geologists who can use their expertise in analyzing the topography, soil condition, fauna, and geological location to decide the availability of ground water, lakes rivers, source of underground water.

The penetrable layers underneath the ground help us detect water source below the ground. We use various technical methods like seismic activity or electrical resistivity to check the rock formation below the ground and underground water source.

We use both the traditional and scientific methods to identify the borewell points using our experienced geologists to ensure to get the best results. Here are a few different names that we call to identify the water sources.

  • Borewell point marking
  • Borewell point selection
  • Geological survey for borewell drilling
  • Borewell drilling point
  • Coconut borewell point marking technique

Based on the type of prospecting borewell point locators are termed as hydrogeologists, water diviners, groundwater consultants, borewell consultants, borewell experts, water witching, borewell dowsing, borewell surveyor and in many more terms based on the region.

The site selection for bore well drilling includes certain mandatory efforts, that are:

Stage 1

The Groundwater consultant should understand the lithology of the area where activity needs to be performed.

Stage 2

Understanding the current depth of the bore wells in the region. Understanding the amount of water source at each stage of aquifer would be an added advantage.


practical selection of the low-lying areas and identification of the meeting point of rocks and a geological compass dip test is done.

Stage 4

Electrical sounding, magnetic resonance or induced polarization method of earth’s resistivity is plotted for each and every 30 feet.

Stage 5

Based on the change in resistivity scale following to various depths the least resistivity depths are taken into count.

Stage 6

The depths where least resistivity counts encountered are compared with the pre borehole logs of the region.

Stage 7

The very least resistivity encountered values are calculated with permeability ratio and also with the scale of satellite maps to understand better.

Stage 8

A minimum of three different stations are selected by the above process & based on the positive signs through all the above comparisons’ the best point is selected for drilling the borewell.
How It Work

Three Step For Started Working Process


First Level

Before starting the borework in particular area, the company will undertake the entire survey of that particular area, type of sand, ground water source and quality of the water


Second Level

It is by far not always possible to measure the elements of the bedding of layers with the help of the surveyor's and diviners report alone.


Third Level

There are some areas which must undergone re-flushing after six month's time. Particularly in sandy area when we insert the PVC pipe the holes of the slotter will be in 0.5mm to 1.5mm only.